We are a cancer care company that uses advanced genetic mapping and monitoring to better inform patients and provide ongoing support.

We're here to help you regain control


Empowering those affected by cancer by providing insight and support

Through compassion-driven science, care and support we are able to lead a patient and practitioner through their cancer pathway — embracing hope to take steps towards regaining control.

Standing by you begins with standing by our values



Xing’s practices are led by the highest regard for people and their quality of life, which lie at the heart of everything we work to achieve. Our team works to ensure that patients are cared for and supported throughout their treatment.



We work with only the most up-to-date evidence-based information and standards. Combined with our focus on the individual patient, Xing ensures that only the most relevant information is given so the most appropriate decisions for their circumstances can be discussed.



We want to help each patient find the right way forward for their unique situation. With effective interaction our team aims to give patients peace of mind as we work with them to find the right pathway suitable for them.