Is the XING Cancer Care laboratory accredited?

Yes, XING Cancer Care is accredited for compliance with NPAAC Standards, NATA under ISO15189 and the Royal College of Pathologists of Australia (RCPA).

What kind of tests does XING Cancer Care offer?

XING Cancer Care offers a range of both genetic sequencing and bioinformatics services. We sequence cancerous tumours and provide a statistical analysis of that specific tumour.

How can I get my tumour tested?

In order to have your tumour sequenced XING Cancer Care require a referral from your doctor. Once that is received we will retrieve your tumour from the holding pathology lab. If necessary, XING will arrange all appropriate logistics. XING Cancer Care also requires you to have a corresponding blood test in order to complete testing.

Will I need a blood test?

Yes. You will be given an instruction sheet to take to your blood collector; once blood is taken the sample will be shipped directly to XING Cancer Care from the collection centre.

How long will the testing take to complete?

The expected turnaround time for your result is 28 days, that will include the time to retrieve the original sample and to collect blood test.

How do I order the test?

You and your referring doctor must complete all fields on XING Cancer Care request form.

What do I do if I have more questions about the service?

Along with the referral form, you and your doctor will also sign a XING Cancer Care consent form. Please ensure you go through this document with your doctor. If you have any further questions please contact XING Cancer Care directly.

What is the process once I have ordered my test?

Once XING Cancer Care has received your referral form, a representative from the company will contact your treating medical team to discuss sample retrieval.

How does XING Cancer Care obtain my sample to carry out the test?

The collection of your tumour will occur ‘behind the scenes’. XING Cancer Care will contact the appropriate parties involved to retrieve your sample. You will be notified once your sample has arrived at XING Cancer Care and has commenced testing.

What happens if my sample isn’t suitable for testing?

If your sample is not viable (around 2%), as in no testing can be carried out, your doctor will be contacted directly and alternative options will be discussed. The XING Cancer Care laboratory determines if the sample is to be accepted from a referring laboratory for further testing.

Why would my sample be unsuitable for testing?

Potential barriers to testing being incomplete include; the sample is too old i.e. collected originally a number of years ago (e.g. over 5 years); there is insufficient material – the sample doesn’t carry enough DNA material to carry out sufficient and quality testing.

How do I access my results from XING Cancer Care?

Once your results are finalized, both you and your referring doctor will be notified. You will both have access to the report. Your doctor will discuss your results with you and the potential implications. Should you or your doctor have any questions relating to the technical side of your test, please contact XING Cancer Care directly. 

Can I talk to a doctor about my results?

Your requesting physician will receive a personalized report from XING Cancer Care. Your doctor will explain the results of the test with you and your family if needed. 

Can I give feedback?

XING Cancer Care welcomes feedback of any kind, we invite you to provide feedback.

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