What's a genome?

A genome is the complete collection of the DNA found in the individual cell's that make up an organism. Think of your genome as the blueprint for your body's genetic material, showing how every organ, tissue and cell fit together.

There are about 3 billion base pairs of DNA over the 23 pairs of chromosomes that make up the human genome. More than 99 percent of the human genome is the same in all people, meaning that the variation in less than one percent of our genome explains all variation in humans world-wide.

What is a genome

Your genetic information is unique

This test provides you with information that is completely unique to the cancer in your body by describing its genomic make-up. The test is designed to apply new knowledge about what drives cancer growth, opening the door to new and novel treatment options.

Your cancer biopsy/surgical sample is couriered to XCC by World Courier. It may take a few days if coming from overseas. XCC prepares the sample and then implements next-generation sequencing analysis of the extracted tumour and blood DNA/RNA, drawing on a custom profiling assay of 1000 genes. This provides tumour and germline (genes from your biological parents) genomic information that is unique to you.

Uncover more stroke

Uncover more

At XCC we are committed to providing you with answers and understanding. Once we have mapped your results, our aim is to match identified abnormalities that have occurred as a consequence of developing cancer with potential treatments and/or clinical trial programs. Some of the information we find may have implications for other members of your family, particularly your children and we have trained professionals to discuss this with you.

With this information, you are armed with real knowledge of your tumour. This empowers your team to critically map your cancer type, and explore the potential of enrolling you in a relevant clinical trial. As new discoveries and breakthroughs in cancer research are occurring all the time opening new medical pathways, XCC will remain in close contact, keeping you aware of treatments now relevant to you.